Monday, July 23, 2012

Walmart, how do I love thee??

Short story...
Usually I use overdyed floss in my cross-stitch projects. I live in a very small
rural community without a stitching store in sight (or anywhere near on the map-
I'm talking HOURS of a drive to the nearest stitching store), so when I ran out of
a Gentle Arts color, I panicked a little bit...

I ran (actually drove- remember we live in the country) to Wally World, hopeful they
 would have something close that would match. In a large nearby town they have a *SUPER* Walmart...said *SUPER* Walmart did not have ANY floss. Not even Perle Cotton.

I was one disappointed customer. I was so sad that a major store with craft projects
and supplies wouldn't carry DMC Floss. And you know how you get when you're working
on a project, you have the passion and focus and then have to set it
 aside until UPS comes :(

So, I complained. First I called the manager. Nice lady, out of her control...said when
 they carried the DMC floss, it sold well at their store and she wasn't certain why they
would discontinue it. She advised me to write a letter to corporate office- the craft buyer

So I did.

Never heard back.

You can all thank ME!! (hahaha, probably not, but I am so glad they carry it again!)
On another note...
I had a wonderful e-mail from a sweet lady in the Ohio area who wanted to
Show and Tell her lovely finished American Woolen Mill. I think she did an amazing job-
 in the stitching and finishing!!
I love it when customers show us how they personalize our designs!

You can create this too!
 Pattern can be purchased for $8 including shipping here: BUY HERE!

Have a great week everyone! Keep praying for ran for us. 
Hot and dry like I have never seen before!


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  1. Our Walmart is selling a small selection of it again too &I it makes me very happy too! :-)