Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HaPpY  JuLy 4th!!!
We get so busy with our lives it's easy to forget the price ladies and gentlemen in uniform
pay every day for our freedom. THANK YOU!
To the families that sacrifice their time with their children, husbands, and wives so our country remains safe. THANK YOU!

Land of the FREE, Because of the BRAVE
Chart available HERE

My kids are young, so to them, the 4th is more about parades and fireworks. I think they got more candy at the Genoa parade than during the Halloween Trick or Treating!!! And as for fireworks? Spoiled there too!

Nothing too loud. Kids like the parachutes that shoot out. They race each other to get them! Such good memories. 

             I hope you enjoy your day and you're able to make memories with people you care about!

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