Saturday, July 7, 2012



Friends:   My dear husband has decided it was time for me to purchase a new washing machine and dryer.                  
      I am not picky. I usually make decisions pretty quickly, yet this choice has me stumped!         
      I do A LOT of laundry. No one knows why. 
They claim they wear their jammies more than one               
      night...I don't wash sheets but once every couple of weeks. 
So, I'm not sure where it all comes from.              
      Anyhoo... if you have a new machine, tell me if you love it or hate it.
 I have a top loader now with a             
      rotating thingamaroo... 
Do you have one without that stick thingy? 
Do you like that? 
Do front loaders really smell?             
     I think my problem is that there are far too many choices!!             

    Signed...Bleach addict in  Nebraska


  1. I have a front loader Frigidaire, and it does smell. Water gets trapped in the gasket folds, mold builds up, it's nasty. I keep a hanger over the opening so the door doesn't shut all the way. It helps, but I won't buy a front loader again. Frigidaire is about the least expensive front loader out there, but trim pieces have cracked and broken off even in places that do not get obvious stress. I also don't trust the dispenser. Sometimes after a bleach load, there is still bleach in the dispenser, which could damage colored clothes if not cleaned out. Oh, yeah, and the inside wall of the dispenser space and the dispenser itself get nasty with mold. At least don't buy a cheap one. I'm going back to top loader next time. Sometimes I even wish this would break down so I'd have to buy a new one. I guess you get the gist. good luck, jan

  2. Thanks, Jan! I think I may just go old school, top loader, with the stick agitator thingy. That's what I've used forever, I don't see any benefit to changing, I guess? I just want to control my water level- is that too much to ask? LOLOLOL.

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Hi, I just ran across your blog about washing machines and have to tell you I have a new Kenmore top loader. It does not have a center agitator at all - just a huge stainless tub that probably would hold two sets of queen size sheets. I have never owned a Kenmore - always Maytags, and I just LOVE this Kenmore. I am happy I didn't get a top loader because I would have bought the storage drawers underneath and would have missed having "reachable" access to the top of the machine (for air drying small items). Carol

  4. Oops - sorry I meant to say I'm happy I didn't get a FRONT loader.

  5. Thanks Carol!! I think I have decided not to do the front load- the smell thing and lack of water control makes me nervous. I think I am going old school...stick with what has worked for a log time! New is not always better!!