Friday, July 20, 2012


How many remember Johnny Carson?? He'd do something like....

"It's Hot Outside...."
"How hot is it?" (someone else would ask)
"It's so HOT that I ran into the Devil at Ace Hardware buying an Air Conditioner"
(then there would be a ba-dump-bump and applause)

That's how we're feeling here in Nebraska (Johnny's home state). They said it could be 110 degrees today!! YIKES! Hope everyone has a cool drink and a lovely oscillating  fan!

One good thing about today??? It's the Update for PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE!!!
Go here:

Hand hooked at created by Nancy Pritchard~~ using a Bird in The Hand pattern :)

Some yummy Watermelon slices to fill a bowl... THAT would cool off the heat

Can't forget the sheep in the heat! My goodness I do hope they've all been sheared!!
Stool with a darling hooked mat to fit on top!

Please do go visit the lovely artists at     Well worth your time!!

Have a BLESSED weekend!!

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